Abortion Rights Advocacy

Throughout its almost 30 year history, WGNRR has made abortion advocacy a priority. More recently, members expressed a demand for specific training in community mobilisation and advocacy for access to safe abortion. In response to this, resources are being developed and collated and a training program established.  These cover a range of knowledge and skills from looking at value clarification, to the use of specific human rights agreements for advocacy and mobilisation via tools such as mobile phones, the internet, and song and dance.  The specific goals are outlined below:

  • Investigate ways to improve access despite the law.
  • Develop focused abortion related policy analysis and advocacy skills (e.g. use of the Health Rights for Women Assessment Instrument (HeRWAI).
  • Look at the pros and cons of various frameworks for abortion rights including:  human rights; reproductive justice; public health; social justice; individual choice.  
  • Share strategies for addressing the stigma and marginalisation of abortion, both at the societal level and for the individual woman.
  • Share experiences and strategies about how to confront religious fundamentalists.
  • Find the best practices for linking abortion rights to other social justice and human rights campaigns.
  • Develop strategies for cross regional and international support and collaboration in advocacy efforts, including aimed at international bodies such as the United Nations, the European Court etc.
  • Create a cadre of trained individuals who could be mentors/facilitators for advocates.

A pilot training took place in Cape Town South Africa in November 2009 and a series of regional events are being planned for the coming years, in collaboration with partners.  Programmes and resources will be adapted to regional contexts and experiences shared cross regionally and globally.