The End of my Internship at WGNRR

*Babette Verdult worked as an intern at WGNRR from February to June of this year. She is studying Applied Psychology at the Fontys College in The Netherlands. According to her, she chose WGNRR because she is motivated to fight for reproductive justice and wants to inspire other people to do the same. For internship opportunities, please email us

My internship at WGNRR was in one word: Astonishment. Not because I’m from the Netherlands and I experienced a cultureshock in the Philippines. Not because working at a NGO is so different from working at a GO. And not because their one of the oldest, still existing organisations that fight for women rights. It’s the heart and passion the staff of WGNRR have for fighting for women’s health and rights. Every vessel in their body fights for women and LGBT rights. They know what it’s like to fight for justice, they’ve participated in marches, they made statements and screamed them out, they went to meetings about women health and rights. And they still do! I can remember I was so jealous of these women because they truly believe what they’re fighting for, everyday.

In my homecountry, the Netherlands, there is no use to be a feminist anymore. In the Netherlands this fight have been fought before I was born. Dutch citizens have the choice to give birth at home or in the hospital, can choose from 10 different contraceptives, can choose if they would like their condom strawberry flavoured, with soft spikes, or xxxl . Abortion is legalized and people of the same gender can marry and adopt/have kids in the Netherlands. I could never imagine that there are still so many problems around reproductive justice.

I tried to figure out what the reason was why there is no reproductive justice. I think we are afraid. We are afraid what life means and for that we try to search reasons how we should live our life. We like to have an answer so we believe in Gods, stars, heaven and hell. We try to find a way to make sure the life we lead is good. We are doing good things. Don’t get me wrong, I respect all kind of beliefs and religions. But when it accords to health I think we should look beyond that. Why did God ever decide that you should have as much children as possible? Don’t let your body be a part of someone or something. You have the right to decide what happens to your own body, when it’s going to happen and by whom. And even how.

I want to say that I respect all human beings and especially women who are thinking independently. And women who have the guts to strive for their rights. Having the opportunity to experience this has made me think more individually than ever before. I think I can say this experience has changes my life. And the group that is fighting for human rights have become larger. +1 for you! I will continue fighting!