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January 3rd, 2011

RE: The vision, the mission, the objectives and current leadership of PPDR, PRESS RELEASE JANUARY 2011

The organization People for Peace and Defense of Rights (P.P.D.R) was founded in 2003 with a clear mandate for the promotion of peace in the great lakes region, the promotion of human rights and keeping an observation on the refugee management system service delivery in Uganda. The purpose of that observation is to contribute positively to the better service delivered to refugees in order to improve their lives, monitor human rights abuse and foster for their development here in Uganda.

PPDR has constantly observed and in many occasions made an alarm about the inefficacy of the refugee management system to critically address the key real problems of many refugees here in Uganda and has proposed many ways which may be the best in ensuring that the available resources are fairly, equally and adequately distributed to all and that each person gets his/ her fair share.

In doing so, may be some individuals in the refugee management system may not have felt comfortable with these observations, especially those who may be wrongly attributing themselves the big share of the refugee cake and who instead of looking at PPDR as a conscience wake up may consider her as a threat to their selfish interest rather than a factor for development and improvement.

PPDR is an independent grass root movement which works on different peace and human rights programs in the region and beyond. PPDR works in collaboration with different organizations with similar purposes in the spirit of mutual understanding but any kind of collaboration with any organization in the refugee management system or any other organization may not be encouraged to jeopardize the essence of PPDR above mentioned in the vision.

It may be unfortunately to observe that some people in the refugee management system may be tempted to perceive PPDR as an opponent to silence by continuously attacking and threatening her members and labeling them with false accusations rather than supporting and helping them to positively deliver their goals. We regret to observe that all those who are more dealing with refugees in Uganda seem to deal with those who say that there is a problem in the service delivery rather than dealing with the problem itself. We are not a problem but we just have some problems with the way things are done which does not give a glimpse of equal share, transparency and inclusion.

This approach may not help at all even if some human rights defenders members of PPDR may be forced to leave this country but the ideas of transparency, accountability, inclusion in decision making, human rights for all, peace, social justice, equal sharing of the avail resources, fighting against impunity and many other values will remain incarnate in the minds of many refugee and when they will get a small opportunity these ideas will surface because human beings cannot live in oppression, slavery and all forms of exploitation for long time.

In doing her work PPDR is inspired by the five pillars of the great soul Mahatma Gandhi which are the Civil disobedience, the Truth telling, the Non Violence, The Non collaboration and the Prayer.

May we again have this opportunity to clarify this again that PPDR has never been, is not, and will never be against Homosexuals and other sexual minorities in Uganda because they are our fellow human beings with equal rights to us and as a human rights organization it is our duty to fully defend and promote their rights. We hope that this time this few sentences will put at rest this unfortunate wrong information which may has been circulated against PPDR and her members by people of motives which are known better by them selves.

We the founder members of PPDR have observed that some members of the organization may be tempted to move away from the original vision, mission, objectives and due respect of the organization leadership structure because of various factors especially the personal ambitions.

In this way PPDR has no intention of giving up to any kind of intimidation wherever it may come from and it is willing to share views with any one who may prefer this as the best option of changing the world through ideas rather than a sword, those who believe that diversity is not a threat but a tool for complementarily and development, those who believe that we can be one in diversity and those who believe that the social economical well being of refugees in Uganda is a mutual approach in complementarily. “Intimidations are an old practice largely over excided by developed people and have become a subject of international sabotage”.

May we also get this opportunity to make it clear that this year PPDR will continue with its normal activities and will still call upon those who offer services to refugees to do their best in improving their service delivery so that all refugees may enjoy their rights fully here in Uganda.

Lastly let us get this opportunity to introduce to you our current address contacts which are: People for Peace and Defense of Rights (PPDR) Uganda Social Center Kisenyi Mengo/ Kampala – Uganda.
P. O. Box: 71967 Clock Tower Kampala Uganda
Tel: +256 414 34 5 076, Mobile: +256 774 51 66 05
Email: ppdruganda@gmail.com

We wish the best for this year 2011

For PPDR Uganda

Founder members: KULIHOSHI MUSIKAMI Luc Pecos




Acting Coordination: Jean-Paul NSHUNGIBIRHI