WGNRR Stands in Solidarity with Member Group Representing Rural Women in Kyrgyzstan

ALGA, a member group of WGNRR based in rural Kyrgyzstan, recently sent out an alert about the tragic toll of the conflict situation in the south is taking on women and in particular, young women. Alga is highly respected in the region for encouraging rural women’s leadership and defending women’s rights as well as interests.

They also initiated rural community councils to work towards the prevention of violence and conflict. Now, they note that since the outbreak of violence on June 10th in Southern Kyrgyzstan, over 400,000 women, men and children have been displaced, and thousands have been killed. Although the reports from Human Rights Watch and other international observers indicate that the majority of fatalities are men, Alga reminds us that it is women—young and old—who will continue to bear long-term suffering, having experienced rapes by gangs and by individuals of the opposite ethnicity, as well as intensified violence at the hands of male relatives, partners, and acquaintances due to increased household tensions. It is the women who also are faced with increased pressures to meet the needs of sick, wounded and surviving family members. 

The Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights expresses its solidarity with Alga and like-minded allies working towards lasting peaceful resolutions to the ethnic tensions in the region, rooted in community based solutions. We support calls for survivors of gender based violence to access gender-sensitive, non-discriminatory health care services, feminist counselling and rehabilitation services, safe shelter spaces, and genuine measures towards justice and reparations.

Please Note: Alga is requesting resources and toolkits to provide support to survivors of rape and other forms of gender based violence, particularly in times of conflict. If you have particular suggestions for resources, please email the WGNRR campaigns officer: tanya@wgnrr.org

Below is an excerpt of Alga’s testimony sent to WGNRR:


During just these days of conflicts many, hundreds of women were violated. There were frightening numbers of sexual violence. Young women, teenagers, [and] even 10 year old girls were raped.  All these women experienced perverse forms of sexual violence; all of them have health problems now. They also have mental problems. The most terrible thing [is] that we cannot help them right now. Their lives are in danger and they are in hospitals. No one expected such situation. Even local crises centers recognize the lack of skills and lack of professionals. There are almost no any psychologists, who can work with victims of violence….I am afraid that this problem will last for a long time; an echo of these events will stay for long time and we will have to meet these memories. All victims should have their trust and hopes back…

Here we try to mobilize volunteers for humanitarian aid as people lose everything in the South...There are so many words and so many [people] saying about ethnical violation and genocide...[O]rdinary people have quite opposite behavour...it is very important that we advance the idea of friendship and cooperation among nations....Peace in our lives and hearts.