WGNRR Membership Policy

Politique d'adhésion du RMFDR

La Política de Membresía de la RMMDR


WGNRR welcomes new members from all over the world who share its vision of a world where all people can fulfil their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

WGNRR membership is open to organisations, individuals and networks that are fully dedicated to advancing of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) and are committed to promote the network’s vision and values.  

Organisations representing the most marginalized which are based in the developing countries are extended a special welcome to join the network.

If you would like to join WGNRR as a member, you should agree with WGNRR core principles.  Please ask yourself the following questions in order to verify whether your principles coincide with the principles of WGNRR:

  • WGNRR understands SRHR to include a set of interrelated universal, indivisible and inalienable human rights accompanied by the necessary socio-economic conditions for them to be realized. Do you agree with this definition?
  • Do you and/or your organisation agree that SRHR include the right of access to safe, legal and voluntary abortion?
  • Do you and/or your organisation support the right of every woman to full enjoyment of SRHR to the degree of principles reflected in the ICPD, Beijing, ICPD+5, Beijing+5 and other internationally accepted documents and human rights treaties?
  • Are you and/or your organisation committed to enhance and implementation of the existing international treaties and agreements in the future?
  • Are you and/or your organisation committed to actively participate in and lend support to joint initiatives to promote women’s and girl’s SRHR?
  • Does your organisation strategy include the promotion of women’s SRHR at local, national, regional or international level?
  • Do you and/or your organisation subscribe to the principles of information sharing, networking, alliances building and co-operation for a collective change?

If you answer YES to all these questions, please check the membership criteria:

  1. Organisations and individuals must be working completely or partially - or with a demonstrable interest - in the field of SRHR issues for women and girls in the context of human rights, social justice, and other development paradigms.
  2. Have a demonstrable commitment to SRHR for women and girls regardless of nationality, class, ethnicity, race, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, health or marital status.
  3. Member organisations must not be primarily intended to serve the interests of any commercial or profit making organisation.
  4. Member organisations and individuals should demonstrate non-partisan approach, being motivated by the broad humanitarian and development objectives, which should not be secondary to partisan political or religious aims.

If you support the core principles and comply with the membership criteria, you are welcomed to join WGNRR as individual or organisational member.

Once you and/or organisation join the network, as a member you will have the following benefits:

  • Actively input, initiate discussions and joint activities with other WGNRR members;
  • Receiving WGNRR Newsletter, e-newsletter, Call for Action, WGNRR media dispatches, as well as other publications;
  • Inclusion of personal/organisational contact information in WGNRR´s online membership directory and accessing services of WGNRR membership directory and resource centre;
  • Access and link to regional, national, international and global coalitions/organisations working on SRHR;
  • Participation in members’ exchange programme;
  • Networking opportunities including participation in Regional members meetings, capacity building workshops, advocacy events and representation at different forums;
  • Receiving policy, advocacy and campaigning materials such as yearly Call for Action;
  • Upon request be provided space on WGNRR website to request political support and solidarity calls related to SRHR promotion;
  • Joint fundraising and partnership opportunities.

Besides being eligible for the membership benefits, WGNRR member commit to fulfil the following duties and responsibilities:

  • To uphold the mission and vision of WGNRR;
  • To provide regularly WGNRR Coordination Office with organisational materials (flyers, publications etc);
  • To share your expertise, support and link with other WGNRR members for the benefit of the network as a whole within your means;
  • To participate in WGNRR meetings and networking activities and submit documentation of said activities;
  • To participate in the democratic governance of the network and in policy direction setting;
  • To keep up to date contact details in the on-line membership directory.

Identity Validation
In order to be accepted as a full member of WGNRR you will be required to have a reference from an organisation that can describe your work and confirm you support the above principles. No reference is required from long-standing WGNRR members or current active members who decided to reregister in the on-line membership directory.  

Membership period
WGNRR membership is not limited in time. We encourage long term membership and active participation in the network’s activities.  In case you prefer to end your membership with WGNRR, we request you to notify the Coordination Office about your decision by sending an email to membership@wgnrr.org.  Upon receiving your notifications, all records on your name will be removed from the membership directory.

Membership contribution
WGNRR membership is free of any obligatory membership fees. Instead of financial contribution we encourage active contribution to the collective knowledge building, information sharing and joint advocacy actions. However, if you and/or organisation have the means and desire to make a financial contribution to support the work of WGNRR, we will sincerely appreciate your donation.

The decision whether to accept an individual or organisation as new WGNRR member rests with WGNRR staff and board. In case of negative decision on the membership, the aspiring members are granted the right to appeal for the review of the decision.

If you and/or your organisation do not subscribe entirely to the core principles or does not meet the membership criteria, but nevertheless would like to receive WGNRR publications and updates, you are welcome to become a WGNRR supporter.  For more information, please visit www.wgnrr.org

Membership application form is available at www.wgnrr.org

Thank you for your time to answer the questions! We are looking forward to our cooperation!