Nov 25 - Dec 10


WGNRR is commemorating the courageous work of women's human rights defenders around the world and the 2010 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence (25 November - 10 December) with the launch of a multi-year campaign: Recognise Reproductive Rights, Organise for Reproductive Justice!  in collaboration with the Women Human Rights Defenders International Coalition.  You can download regionalised information about this campaign for Africa,  Asia & the Pacific and the Global North

In the year ahead, this campaign will address two specific demands related to the recognition and defense of sexual and reproductive rights as indivisible, universal human rights:

1.       Access to Safe, Legal, Affordable Abortion, free of stigmatisation and criminalisation.

2.       An end to forced sterilisation and abortion programmes, such as those targeted at people living with HIV/AIDS.

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Together with women’s rights, health rights, human rights, and social and economic justice movements, we are calling on the UN, international institutions and governments to:

  • Affirm sexual and reproductive rights by upholding UN and regional human rights frameworks, and emerging human rights frameworks;
  • Repeal laws & policies that violate human rights, including sexual & reproductive rights;
  • Withdraw support for coercive sterilisation and abstinence-only programmes;
  • End the criminalisation and stigmatisation of those of us who are trained providers of safe abortion services and/or traditional birth services, those of us who want –or advocate for—the right to access to these services;
  • End the imposition of Poverty Reduction Strategy programmes as well as other forms of debt repayment plans that limit public health and education budgets;
  • Proactively work towards an end to all other violations of reproductive health and justice, including the harmful effects on reproductive well-being caused by environmentally destructive projects and policies which restrict access to contraceptives and abortion services.

The Recognise Reproductive Rights, Organise for Reproductive Justice! poster template can be downloaded here.

The Recognise Reproductive Rights, Organise for Reproductive Justice! button template can be downloaded here.

Case studies of WGNRR members and allies organising for Reproductive Justice can be downloaded here. To submit your campaign stories, email us!

Take action! Join the WGNRR 2011 RJMob (Reproductive Justice Mobilisation) Creative Campaign Challenge! Downloaded contest guidelines here.