Sexual Rights

In 78 of 242 countries, it is illegal for a man to have sex with another man. In 44 of 242 countries, it is illegal for a woman to have sexual relations with another woman. In 8 of those countries, it is punishable by death1. LGBTQI persons face stigma, discrimination, violence and violation of their basic human rights on a daily basis.

WGNRR affirms that sexuality and sexual rights are an integral part of human rights, based on the inherent freedom, dignity and equality of all human beings. WGNRR also affirms the intricate links between sexual rights and the right to health, asserting the basic right of sexual health of all persons.

WGNRR is committed to the realisation of sexual rights for all persons and determined to ensure the right of people to have safe, happy, fulfilling sex lives without fear of discrimination, harm or violence. To this end, WGNRR will be using the ICPD PoA and the MDG 5b, in conjunction with the Yogyakarta Principles and other relevant documents in all its work and programme activities.


1International Lesbian and Gay Association, 2010