WGNRR Partnerships

WGNRR recognises the importance and value of its alliances and partners in the SRHR struggle. WGNRR partnerships work at international and regional levels, collaborating with organisations and individuals whose mission and vision are similar and aligned with our own.

We believe in the need for leaders in the SRHR field to work together towards the realisation of SRHR for all. This ensures that resources are utilised to their maximum potential, creates a pool of resource persons and expertise, avoids replication of materials and research, and most importantly brings together strong SRHR advocates for a common cause.

Historically, WGNRR has partnered with most of the internationally renowned  SRHR networks and organisations. WGNRR is currently collaborating with- or is in the process of- with the following networks and organisations:


WGNRR is a member of the following networks: