Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights on International Women's Day, 8 March 2011

On 8th March 2011, the Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights (WGNRR) joins the world in commemorating the centennial year of International Women's Day. At a time when reproductive and sexual rights continue to be systematically violated and denied as universal, indivisible human rights around the world, it is urgent that we take decisive action to mobilise within and beyond our communities for long-lasting transformative changes that advance the cause for sexual and reproductive justice for all. This March 8th, let us affirm our unity as we: *Mobilise locally and globally for Reproductive and Sexual Rights & Justice! *Defend access to the full range of reproductive and sexual services within a universal, affordable, non-stigmatising health care system--inclusive of all ages and all communities! *Advance the diverse struggles to stop any form of forced sterilisation, population control, coerced abortion or non-consensual imposition of contraceptives! *Defend the right to live healthy, dignified lives, free from all forms of gender violence! WGNRR calls on all members to join the local rallies, marches, forums and other protest/awareness raising activities organised by women'ss movements on March 8. As defenders of sexual and reproductive rights from the Global South and the North, we shall continue to raise our concerns at community gatherings, in the workplace, on campus and in schools, in the streets and the parks, during cultural events, in the media, in the halls of parliament, and in the courts. To check out the listings of local actions worldwide, click here. Other actions to take include: * Signing WGNRR’s appeal to the Philippine government to respect reproductive health & rights! (Email your name/organisation and country to tanya@wgnrr.org by 3rd March) * Joining solidarity actions to affirm support for the women in Northern Africa and the Arab world who struggle for dignified lives and an end to all forms of violence, for Indigenous women’s movements, Sarahoui women and Palestinian women who seek respect for their rights, self-determination, and freedom from the violence of occupying forces, and the struggles of women in conflict and post-conflict zones worldwide - from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Timor Leste- for an end to sexual violence, for the realisation of political, social and economic justice, and a lasting end to militarised aggression. Help make the 2011 International Women’s Day a historic day to be remembered by the SRHR movement! In solidarity, Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights