Youth SRHR

The number of young people in the world today has never been higher1 . With almost half the world’ population under the age of 25, young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) are of the utmost priority. 200 million youth currently live in poverty; 130 million are estimated to be illiterate, with 88 million unemployed and 10 million living with HIV/AIDS2 - with these harsh statistics (among others) to face, it is foolhardy to overlook the unmet needs of young people. 

Oftentimes, discussions around the needs of young people do not feature the voices of the youth or have youth leaders to advocate for themselves. Thus, several assumptions and negative stereotypes abound; making the process of realising SRHR for young people especially difficult.

Hence, WGNRR has a special Youth focus that is integrated into all its activities and programmes. The focus is created in consultation with the youth members of WGNRR, whose voices are consistently highlighted. As with all its work, WGNRR uses the ICPD and MDG frameworks, with an added youth perspective. In addition, WGNRR is in the process of drafting a Youth Policy with its youth members, to institutionalise WGNRR’s commitment to advocate with young leaders for their rights.


1BBC report, 2006: A Young World
2UN Department of Social and Economic Affairs, 2005 ‘World Youth Report